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Our Services

Our Approach

Senior Financial Advisors, Inc. takes a holistic and proactive approach to retirement planning and investment management. We look at the big picture to determine the risks and opportunities that could have a potential impact on you. We watch for trends and changes in the market and the economy when managing your portfolio. And, we are always looking forward for ways to help minimize your income tax liability and maximize your estate planning benefits.

Our goal for each of our clients is to identify and execute wealth preservation and income generation strategies to help save money today so that it lasts into tomorrow.

Our Services

We provide a range of fee-based services and products to create a customized experience that is unique to your needs.

  • Investment management
  • Retirement income planning
  • Retirement capital projections
  • Social Security analysis and planning
  • Long term care insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Roth IRA conversion analysis
  • Estate planning
  • Plan Participant Advisory Services